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Tool Overview




Mounted Sanding Points
Ornamental Grooves

The products

For perfect sanding results, you need specialized tools that are precisely matched to their field of application. At the same time, the sand technology should be usable in diverse working environments and on different types of machines. From standard, special or CNC machines to nesting machines, sanding workpieces of various sizes and shapes. Machine all radii and achieve perfect results for surfaces, profiles, curves as well as curved workpieces.

Sand the surfaces of wood components without noticeable deviations over entire production cycles. Change over your sanding heads unusually quickly or change consumables directly on the machine. And talk to us about the exact individualization of your tool: Whether you are at home in trade or industry – we also have the perfect sanding tools for your products, company size and individual challenges.

Our customers know from experience what makes a good tool. That is exactly why they have often been using our sanding technology for decades. Whether you are talking about sanding heads, sanding wheels or sanding attachments: When it comes to quality, you can only talk about ARMINIUS.